This spring we are expanding our market gardens on our property in Carstairs as well as replacing some damaged trees and doing some light tree planting.

As part of this process we are taking about an acre and surveying it out on keyline geometry principles to guide where we are going to place tree rows, alley crops, and a future berry plantation.

If you are interested in coming out to help we would love to have you for the day or two it will take to get everything marked out and in place. Please sign up to our learning and volunteer email list and we will send out dates and times when the spring thaw allows us to go out and work.¬†Kids are always welcome, but child care is not provided. We’ll turn off the electric fence for little one safety.

Please note: this is not a course or education session in keyline geometry, I’m not qualified to do that. This is laying things out on our farm for future plantings.

2 thoughts to “Field Day & Keyline Surveying

  • Doug

    Marcus please keep me posted as I would like to come and if possible maybe bring some of my crew of space allows. I run a lawn and garden company in Okotoks, but want to move people to a better way of doing things. This would be key on acreages I look after.


    • Marcus Riedner

      Hey Doug, the best thing to do is head here: and sign up to our email list if you haven’t already.


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